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Do you want to learn everything there is to know about PowerPoint courses? Do you want to be a slide presentation pro? Do you have a fear of being judged? Then Ask Training will provide you with the best 3 PowerPoint Presentation Courses to help you become more productive.

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It is a leading provider of world-class corporate training, focusing on Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook, and Publisher. Marketing and soft skills courses are also available.

 Top PowerPoint courses to make your education flawless

  1. 16-hrs ICDL Perform Presentation Functions (PowerPoint fundamentals)

The 16-hour ICDL Perform Presentation Functions (PowerPoint Fundamentals) course is authorized by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). You will have learned how to make engaging PowerPoint Slides for Presentation by the end of the program. The subjects cover crucial elements such as utilizing WordArt, SmartArt and Inserting and Editing Pictures from Screenshot or ClipArt to build slides.

  1. 24-hrs ICDL Perform Advanced Presentation Functions (PowerPoint advanced)

In this 3-day ‘ICDL Perform Advanced powerpoint presentation course, you’ll learn how to design your slide deck with your organization’s brand aspects and how to use Slide Master features to boost your efficiency when creating your slide deck.

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 – advanced

Participants in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 – Advanced will learn how to add custom animations, multimedia (video and audio) clips, and unique show setup to their Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Slides.


Following the advice in this article, you may pick the ideal course for you and have a thorough understanding of upskilling.